2015 03.22

A photography chapter in ”Eesti pilveatlas”


I’m pleased to see my pictures published in mags, catalogues or even in books. It’s almost as if they become alive. In 2014, I was pretty glad to see my first photo on a cover of a book. This year, I had a chance to write a chapter about cloud photography to a book called […]

2014 11.10

Book review: House in the woods


It’s quite nice to enjoy those moments that others have managed to capture. I’m a big book enthusiast, that means that I have lot’s of bird guides and also lots of photo books. A couple of years ago I asked Sven Zacek that what kind of photo books would he suggest to me. And that’s […]

2014 09.19

Book review: Markus Varesvuo’s bird books

Varesvuos books

”Birds: Magic Moments” is a photo book by Markus Varesvuo. Varesvuo is a renowned Finnish wildlife photographer focusing mainly on bird photography. The thing that I like about his work, is how he consistently succeeds to capture birds in their environment, not just those sterile portrait shots for textbooks with clean background what most bird […]