2017 07.11

Sain käed külge: Tamron 150-600mm G2 Canonile


[Soon in English] Ma kogusin jaanuarist saadik hoogu, et proovida ära Tamron 150-600mm G2 toru. Seda soovi varjutasid mitmed asjaolud. Küll olin hõivatud kaitseväekohustusega, seejärel nappis aega ja sinna vahele olid pikitud veel mõned segajad. Juuni alguses aga võtsin julguse kokku ja marssisin Photopointi esindusest välja piraka karbiga, millesse oli pugenud seesama objektiiv, mida proovida […]

2016 12.22

About the photo: Hungry chicks

Hungry chicks

I decided to write a little bit about a moment that probably influenced me the most this year. The photo ”Hungry chicks” is taken in June during my project ”Forest whispers”. I have been getting closer and closer to the hidden gems of woodlands. I think that you can rightly call Eurasian wren a gem. […]

2016 12.21

My favorite bird photos of 2016

Last meal before sunset

Year 2016 was full of different moments. My work got published in different magazines, newspapers etc. Special thanks to the editors of Sensa magazine and Pärnu Postimees newspaper.  The purpose of getting my work published is to englighten people about nature, especially about wildlife. I was really glad to hear that people appreciated my shots […]

2016 03.03

Forest whispers: And it feels like


I finally had the chance to get back to local woods again and the view was rather sad, because the forest seemed as if it was imprisoned. Thick, ice covered snow obstructs both – me and other creature’s movement. The track, that I used to pervade within minutes during the summertime, could now take me […]

2016 02.16

Lapland, winter, II | Finland


(Soon in English) Talveinimesena tunnen sageli lumeigatsust. Nii ka sel aastal. Lund ja käredat pakast jagati vaid jaanuaris ning see pani hinge valutama. Mis seal ikka – tuli võtta ette retk Lapimaale. Kogu Euroopat oli haaranud soojalaine ning sellest polnud pääsu ka Põhja-Soomel. Huvitaval kombel ei tundunud sealne sulailm taolisena, nagu ma olin harjunud nägema […]

2016 01.10

Stories and photos in ”Sensa” magazine


Last year I had the honour to start cooperation with the oldest newspaper in Estonia – ‘’Pärnu Postimees’’, which showcased my stories and nature photos on Wednesdays. Besides all the other magazines and newspapers, that published my work, now they could be found in the magazine ‘’Sensa’’ as well. It’s a magazine dedicated to those […]

2015 12.17

My favorite bird photos of 2015

King of shrubs

Year 2015 was full of different moments. My works got published in different magazines, newspapers etc. The purpose of that is to englighten people about nature, especially about wildlife. I was really happy to hear that people appreciated my shots of small passerines. Some of them are decorating walls in cozy homes and offices. I […]

2015 11.22

In a eagle hide | Estonia

Adult White-tailed eagle

(Soon in English) Mind võib pidada fotograafiks, kes huvitub eelkõige lindude pildistamisest. Ehk seetõttu, et enamikele neist on kingitud võime lennata taevavaiba all. Minu jaoks on ühtviisi huvitavad nii pisikesed kui ka suuremad sulelised, kuid millegipärast pole ma võtnud ette näiteks röövlindude jäädvustamist. Ma olen aegade jooksul ikka teinud pilte hiireviudest, raudkullidest ja isegi merikotkastest, […]

2015 10.09

Aurora borealis in Estonia vol. 2

Fox Fires

(Soon in English) Kes oleks osanud arvata, et peale 17. märtsi veel ka teist korda Eesti taevast kauni valgusemänguga kostitatakse? Nii uskumatu, kui see ka pole, põhjataevasse ilmusid jällegi üsnagi tugevad virmalised 7. oktoobri õhtul, pimeduse süvenedes. Seadsin enda sammud õhtul lähedalasuvale põllule, et asjast selgust saada. Täiesti ootamatult leidsin liikuvad rohelised varjud pea kohalt. […]

2015 09.23

Stories in newspaper ”Pärnu Postimees”

tit story in ppm

I’m glad to announce that my nature and wildlife stories, illustrated with fresh photos, are going to be published in the oldest newspaper in Estonia, called ‘’Pärnu Postimees’’. Those one-paged stories will be in the newspaper at least two times a month on Wednesdays. I’ve been writing to a nature magazine ‘’Eesti Loodus’’ (Estonian Nature) […]

2015 08.14

Forest whispers: Introduction

Enchanted forest

(Soon in English) Veetsin enamiku suvedest maal, vanaema ja vanaisa juures, suurte metsade keskel ja jõgede kõrval. Lapsena ei adunud selle paiga terviklikkust. Mäletan, et vanaisa võttis mind ja venda alatasa kaasa metsa, korjama marju ja seeni. Tema lähenemine kasvõi seenekorjamise osas oli üsna konkreetne. Kui pole tegu riisikatega või on seened söödud, siis ei […]

2015 08.14

After Brown bears | Finland

Brown bear

(Soon in English) Kui keegi oleks mulle teinud kaks aastat tagasi pakkumise, et ma võiks minna karusid pildistama, siis tõenäoliselt oleks ma sellele ära öelnud. See on ju lihtne, varjest pildistamine, karud tulevad ja tantsivad, pinget pole ja kõik on justkui võlts. Ma eksisin. Sel aastal pidin taaskord suunduma Norrasse, Runde saarele, kuid tänu paarile […]

2015 03.25

Aurora borealis in Estonia


On March 17th 2015 I spent nearly 7 hours outside, my head tilted back. I didn’t feel any hunger, I didn’t feel cold or tired. . . I was watching the Aurora borealis or the Northern lights that can be seen usually above the magnetic poles of the northern hemisphere and they are actually the result […]

2015 03.22

A photography chapter in ”Eesti pilveatlas”


I’m pleased to see my pictures published in mags, catalogues or even in books. It’s almost as if they become alive. In 2014, I was pretty glad to see my first photo on a cover of a book. This year, I had a chance to write a chapter about cloud photography to a book called […]

2015 03.11

Lapland, winter | Finland


I’ve been planning a trip to Lapland for at least four years now. So far, these plans have always failed, but this year it finally became a reality. I decided to visit Lapland in March due the longer days and I was hoping that perhaps there’s more snow. I didn’t have any particular plans, I […]

2015 02.23

About the photo: Puffin’s moonrise

Puffin's moonrise

Last year I had the chance to visit this small, but absolutely beautiful island called Runde which is situated in the Western coast of Norway. I have always found Norway as a sympathetic place. You can’t say that Norway is known for it’s rich birdlife, but nevertheless, you could see some birds that you can’t […]

2015 01.02

My favorite bird photos of 2014

Cold, so cold

Year 2014 was full of different moments, achievements and I’m glad that I managed to experience new things and launch brand new website. I also managed to encounter new species like Atlantic puffins, European stonechats, Common guillemots etc. Here are some of my favorite bird photos from 2014. Enjoy! Long-tailed tit (Aegithalos caudatus) Eurasian nuthatch […]

2014 12.16

Bird photography I


To start with, I would like to say that I’m not going to write about taking photos in a zoo or bird sanctuary. Also, I’m not going to write about renting a bird (like many British ‘’wildlife’’ photographers do) to make ‘’stunning’’ pictures. From my point of view, it’s so wrong and it’s even worse […]

2014 12.04

Runde island | Norway


My second visit to Norway took place in June, 2014. The main aim was to reach a small island called Runde which is located in Møre og Romsdal county. The island has a population just a bit over 100. Naturally, Norway is beautiful, no matter what season it is or where you’re located at. So […]

2014 11.20

Published photos in NG, 2014


I could say that year 2014 was a big success. I managed to make lots of stories for nature tv show ‘’Ozone’’ (Estonian Public Broadcasting) and also a great number of my work got published in all sorts of magazines. For example, in National Geographic (US national, Estonian, Russian etc versions) and I was really […]

2014 11.10

Book review: House in the woods


It’s quite nice to enjoy those moments that others have managed to capture. I’m a big book enthusiast, that means that I have lot’s of bird guides and also lots of photo books. A couple of years ago I asked Sven Zacek that what kind of photo books would he suggest to me. And that’s […]

2014 11.09

About the photo: Bogey


In that photo you can see a quite common amphibian, at least it’s quite common in Estonia – Common Toad (Bufo bufo) who is peeking to see what’s going on at the surface. I’ve been trying to keep an eye on frogs and their breeding games for several years now. In the last three years […]

2014 11.07

What to photograph in November?


After colourful September and October, November is thought to be one of the most depressing and darkest months, at least in Estonia. It’s one of those months where you might face creative crisis. I’ve been there several times, but not anymore. You just have to know what to look for, if you’re not thinking about […]

2014 09.19

Book review: Markus Varesvuo’s bird books

Varesvuos books

”Birds: Magic Moments” is a photo book by Markus Varesvuo. Varesvuo is a renowned Finnish wildlife photographer focusing mainly on bird photography. The thing that I like about his work, is how he consistently succeeds to capture birds in their environment, not just those sterile portrait shots for textbooks with clean background what most bird […]

2014 09.17

Video: A New Chance

A New Chance

I suggest you to watch it in HD (720p or 1080p), although loading may take some more time. Video is also available on VIMEO, ”A New Chance”.

2014 09.09

Video: Long-tailed duck


I suggest you to watch it in HD (720p or 1080p), although loading may take some more time. Video is also available on VIMEO, ”Long-tailed duck”.

2014 09.08

Mushography – photographing mushrooms

photographing mushtrooms

I would like to give some tips for those that are interested in taking photos of incredible mushrooms. So here they are: 1. WHAT LENS – So what should you use – macro or wide-angle lens? There’s no firm answer to that question, it depends. With wide-angle you’re able to bring some environment into the […]

2014 09.05

Video: Bank vole

Bank vole

I suggest you to watch it in HD (720p or 1080p), although loading may take some more time.

2014 08.08

Video: Atlantic puffin


I suggest you to watch it in HD (720p or 1080p), although loading may take some more time.

2014 08.08

Flickr vs 500px: to give not to get


No matter what purposes, usually we post photos online so that others may see them, even if that means viewing those photos through  private links. Possibilities are endless. Until this time I’ve used my personal webpage, that I’ve been upgrading constantly. I’ve also had some blogs that have all somehow passed out of mind. Mainly […]